Acute and Chronic Pain

Acute and Chronic Pain

Acute and Chronic Pain


The feeling of pain whether it’s a new condition or something that has bothered you for more than six weeks ( chronic ) Is not normal and is a sign of your body reaching out for help.  It is always important to pay attention to your body and make an effort to improve and restore  health.  It has been said many times that addressing a problem early makes it much easier to solve.  This is true with pain.  

Addressing pain when you first notice it will help you accelerate the healing process.  During an acute injury your body is programmed to send a cascade of healing factors including blood flow, growth factors and stem cells to repair the injury.  During an acute injury low intensity shockwave can accelerate the healing process and speed up the time it takes to get you back to full function, this is the reason why it is so widely used among professional athletes.

After six weeks injuries and wounds enter into a chronic phase and your body starts to treat the injury differently.   Chronic injuries become more difficult to heal and often require a more aggressive approach to facilitate healing.

Low intensity shockwave is widely used to reinvigorate the healing process.  It is well documented in the literature that low intensity shockwave therapy stimulates blood flow and angiogenesis or the formation of new blood vessels.  This cascade creates improved blood flow and blood supply to the tissue as well as improvements in oxygen levels.

Low intensity shockwave therapy delivers sound waves faster than the speed of sound to your tissue, this creates oscillation or a mild shaking of your cells and tissue.  It is this oscillation that triggers improved blood flow, the release of nitric oxide, mRNA and other critical healing factors.  mRNA is a signaling protein that sends a message to your brain that there is a problem or injury that needs attention.

Low intensity shockwave therapy is a completely natural way to stimulate your body to heal itself without drugs, without needles, and without surgery.

Healing pain or any kind of injury is a process.  It took an event or repeated activity to create the pain.  Softwave is an incredible technology that helps your body heal itself and manage pain.  The typical protocol for treating Pain indications is 6 ten minute treatments given weekly.  Depending on the severity of the injury, several treatments per week may be recommended. 

The use of opioid drugs in the United States and around the world has sky rocketed and  created a terrible addiction and morbidity epidemic.   These drugs have a place in addressing severe pain, but they have been grossly over prescribed.  We have all heard stories about young athletes becoming addicted to opioids and the destruction that comes with it.

Apollo Wave is on a mission to help people heal without the use of dangerous “pain killers” that only delay the healing process and mask the injury.


Common indications for low intensity shockwave therapy


  • Shoulder injuries ( ie: Rotator cuff, labrum )
  • Golfers elbow. ( medial epicondylitis )
  • Tennis elbow ( lateral epicondylitis ) 
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Chronic heel pain
  • Tendinopathy‘s 
  • Hyper extension of a tendon
  • Jumpers knee. ( patella tip syndrome )
  • Lower back pain
  • SI joint pain
  • Hip and labrum of the hip pain
  • Muscle pain


Early detection and treatment of pain indications is the best way to get back to full function.

Our goal at Apollo Wave is to get you back to full function, free of pain as soon as possible.

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