Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries


High intensity sports can increase your risk of injuries such as tendinopathy‘s, muscle pulls, sprains and soreness.

Intense exercise like running for example can create injuries and soreness in your feet, ankles achilles, knees, hips and lower back, etc.  Low intensity shockwave therapy can help you recover quicker and heal injuries in the acute phase when they are easier to heal.

Soft tissue injuries can interrupt your performance and slow you down.  Apollo Wave would like to help you reach your performance goals and treat soreness and injuries early to prevent a chronic injury that will be more difficult to heal and take much longer.

Apollo Wave has invested in the best Low intensity shockwave technology.  We researched all devices available and chose Softwave because we feel it is currently the best technology on the market.

Softwave Technology is used to maintain optimal health and peak performance by many professional athletic teams around the world.  In the United States Softwave is currently utilized by the New York Giants and Pittsburg Stealers NFL football teams, the Brooklyn Nets and LA Lakers NBA basketball teams and the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians, MLB teams.  Low intensity shockwave has proven results and continues to be adopted widely by professional athletes and their physicians and medical staff.

Professional golfers use soft Wave not only to treat injuries but to prevent them.  Softwave can be used for therapeutic massage before a big match to strengthen and detect minor injuries, and treat them before they impede performance.

Professional athletes utilize Softwave and all other novel forms of treatment to keep players in the game.  Player contracts for tens of millions of dollars can be very costly if players are on the bench recovering from an injury.

Softwave will help you recover faster and get back to what you love and enjoy your best and most confident performance.

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